Percy & Lilys


Project Summary

Percy and Lily’s is a start up that has hit the ground running, and in the space of less than a year their small street food business is booming.  Run by Trudi and Justine I got this job because I built the site for their last business, Homemade Cafe in sheffield, which they sold on two years ago.

As with most sites I build I think simple is best, and a one page site that is light and mobile friendly, working on both laptops and tablets, that just tells you who they are, what they do, and how to contact them works best.

As with any modern site I made sure that the site was well integrated with Percy and Lily’s on the ball social media (Trudi and Justine are prodigious Instagramers), as well as give some character and style to what is a small, fun and lively business.


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