Me, Myself & I


Project Summary

Most of the projects I take on are my own, and this was a great example of leveraging a lot of experience in design, illustration, publishing, social media and most importantly a background soloing hard walls. 

I have always received a lot of questions over the year looking for advice, or asking if I could write a book on the subject, and I finally decided to see what the interest was, starting a Kickstarter campaign.  The bottom line was if enough people wanted to pledge £30 for my book, and hit a target of £7000, I’d write it.  In less than twenty days the target was hit.

In the next few months I wrote around 50,000 words, draw the illustrations needed and laid out the book in PDF, iBook and EPUB format.  The printed edition, using a mix of state of the art print on demand and traditional print, will be finished soon.

  • Client: Akreative.
  • Date: 2015
  • Category: Publishing

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